The new world of hybrid work is raising needs to improve security status of all-sized organizations and this creates opportunities for partners to provide value-added managed services to customers to enable their digital transformations.

  • With Microsoft 365 Business Premium, partners can create standardized managed services offerings around remote access, productivity, and security that can deliver an ongoing revenue stream and profitability.
  • Microsoft Defender for Business is an enterprise-grade device security solution, designed to protect businesses with up to 300 employees against sophisticated cyberthreats. It‘s included in Microsoft 365 Business Premium and available as a standalone subscription.
  • As a Microsoft partner, you will also enjoy the benefits of Microsoft 365 Lighthouse integration and you‘ll be able to support customers across a range of platforms and devices.

Take time and listen to this webinar recording to learn how to deliver layers of security capabilities to protect workloads in any environment, become more cyber resilient identifying priorities and recommendations to increase your security posture and better support your SMB customer needs with Microsoft Security solutions.

Keep your CSP tenants secure with an end-to-end Zero Trust approach

With the rise in security threats, and the transition from remote to hybrid work, the Zero Trust framework helps you protect the entire technology ecosystem.

Verify explicitly

Authenticate and authorize based on all available data points, including user identity, location, device health, service or workload, data classification, and anomalies.

Use least privileged access

Limit user access with just-in-time and just-enough-access (JIT/JEA), risk-based adaptive polices, and data protection to help secure both data and productivity.

Assume breach

Minimize blast radius and segment access. Verify end-to-end encryption and use analytics to get visibility, drive threat detection, and improve defenses.

  • Implement your security posture with five best practices, each paired with Microsoft resources and tools designated to protect you and your customers: download the guide here.
  • Explore the additional resources available in this partner web page that aggregates security guidance, learning content and more.

Have you assessed already how secure you are?

Microsoft 365 Lighthouse

Microsoft 365 Lighthouse helps managed service providers to secure devices, data, and users at scale for small and medium businesses (SMB) that are using Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Microsoft 365 E3, Microsoft 365 E5, Windows 365 Business, or Microsoft Defender for Business. It simplifies onboarding and management of customer tenants into a unified portal, provides a view of customer environments, and recommends minimum configuration baselines.

With Microsoft 365 Lighthouse, managed service providers can drive standardization, increase service quality, and identify opportunities to upsell additional managed services. This shift to standardization helps generate operational efficiencies and uncover opportunities to build a profitable practice.

How are partners successfully selling Microsoft security solutions to SMB customers today?

Every company is a target for ransomware attacks no matter the size. Several SMBs though, tend to believe that they are safe because they have never been a target so far, which is not the case. Listen directly from partners, who are successfully selling Microsoft security solutions to SMB customers today, on how they are starting the conversation on security posture and position Microsoft 365 Business Premium’s value.

Start now your discussion with customers on their secure score leveraging the Microsoft Self-Service Security Assessment

This fully self-service assessment via a web portal provides enough depth to get your customers interested in a deeper assessment or other steps in the Customer journey to acquire Microsoft Security workloads. Learn more about it with this on demand webinar available on Cloud Champion